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Mike Reynoldson Building Inspector City of Kalama bldgclerk@kalama.com 360-673-5211
Brad French Building Inspector City of Vancouver brad.french@cityofvancouver.us
Chris Torrence Building Inspector City of Vancouver chris.torrence@cityofvancouver.us
John Schmidt Building Inspector City of Vancouver john.schmidt@cityofvancouver.us
Mitch Bielas Building Inspector City of Vancouver mitch.bielas@cityofvancouver.us
Joseph Brannan EI City of Vancouver joe.brannan@cityofvancouver.us
John Kendall EI City of Vancouver john.kendall@cityofvancouver.us
Wes Kandoll EI City of Vancouver wes.kandoll@cityofvancouver.us
Dan Hogan EI City of Vancouver dan.hogan@cityofvancouver.us
Albert Brookins Plans Examiner City of Vancouver albert.brookins@cityofvancouver.us
Sue McNutt-Koning Plans Examiner City of Vancouver suemcnutt-koning@cityofvancouver.us
Jeri Newbold Assist. Bldg. Offical City of Vancouver jeri.newbold@cityofvancouver.us
Sree Thirunagari Building Official City of Vancouver sree.thirunagari@cityofvancouver.us
Beth Knuth Code Comp. Officer City of Vancouver beth.knuth@cityofvancouver.us
Enrique Domingues Code Comp. Officer City of Vancouver enrique.domingues@cityofvancouver.us
Randy Scivner Code Comp. Officer City of Vancouver randy.scrivner@cityofvancouver.us
Tammi Neblock Code Comp. Officer City of Vancouver tammi.neblock@cityofvancouver.us
Stuart Morley Building Inspector City of Vancouver stuart.morley@cityofvancouver.us
Wayne Folkers Building Inspector City of Vancouver wayne.folkers@cityofvancouver.us
Don Luthardt Architect LSW Architects donl@lsw-architects.com
Steve Alexander Building Inspector Clark County steve.alexander@clark.wa.gov
Michael Curtis Building Inspector Clark County mike.curtis@clark.wa.gov
Jon Dunaway Assit Bldg. Offical Clark County jon.dunaway@clark.wa.gov
Mark Hess Lead Bldg. Inspector Clark County mark.hess@clark.wa.gov
Lou Malattia Lead Plans Examiner Clark County lou.malattia@clark.wa.gov
Duane Marchand Building Inspector Clark County duane.marchand@clark.wa.gov
David Maret Plans Examiner Clark County david.maret@clark.wa.gov
Jim Muir Chief Bldg Official Clark County jim.muir@clark.wa.gov
Dale Osuna Plans Examiner Clark County dale.osuna@clark.wa.gov
Boe Richards Building Inspector Clark County boe.richards@clark.wa.gov
Mike Schelling Building Inspector Clark County mike.schelling@clark.wa.gov
Kami Simpson Building Inspector Clark County kami.simpson@clark.wa.gov
Todd Stivers Plans Examiner Clark County todd.stivers@clark.wa.gov
Michelle Wall Plans Examiner Clark County michelle.wall@clark.wa.gov
Boyd Wiff Building Inspector Clark County boyd.wiff@clark.wa.gov
Susan Anderson Deputy Fire Marshal Clark County susan.anderson@clark.wa.gov
Curtis Eavenson Deputy Fire Marshal Clark County curtis.eavenson@clark.wa.gov
Ken Hill Deputy Fire Marshal Clark County ken.hill@clark.wa.gov
Greg Breza FI Clark County greg.breza@clark.wa.gov
Tom Scott PR Clark County tom.scott@clark.wa.gov
Richard Martin Assist. Fire Marshal Clark County richard.martin@clark.wa.gov
Jim Perry Chief Bldg Official City of Ridgefield jim.perry@ci.ridgefield.wa.us
Ray Newbill Building Inspector City of Ridgefield ray.newbill@ci.ridgefield.wa.us
David Johnson Chief Bldg Official City of La Center djohnson@ci.lacenter.wa.us
Webb Wilbanks Chief Bldg Official City of Woodland wilbanksw.ci.woodland.wa.us
Michael Watilo Code Comp. Officer Burien Michaelw@burienwa.gov
Samantha Taylor Program Coordinator CS Group samantha.taylor@csgrp.com
Kaare Papenfus other Osprey Homes projects@ospreyhomes.com
Guy Papenfuse other GP construction 360-256-4953
Jim Kambeitz Fire Marshal City of Longview jim.kambeitz@mylongivew.com 360-442-5088

2012 ABM Welcome Event
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