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Residential Construction Guide

  IRC (1-13) Cover Sheet PDF
  IRC (2-13) Building Description PDF
  IRC (3-13) Footings PDF
  IRC (4-13) Footing/Floor PDF
  IRC (5-13) Floor Joists PDF
  IRC (6-13) Wall Types PDF
  IRC (7-13) Roof Types (Rafters w/ Ceiling Joists) PDF
  IRC (8-13) Roof Types (Rafters w/ Ridge Beam) PDF
  IRC (9-13) Roof Types (Trusses) PDF
  IRC (10-13) Roof Types (Shed) PDF
  IRC (11-13) Floor Plan (Example) PDF
  IRC (12-13) Roof Framing PDF
  IRC (13-13) Elevation (Example) PDF

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