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2003 IRC Details
R302  Eave Property Line Protection PDF
R302.1  Local Design Criteria PDF
R302.1  Property Line Protection PDF
R304  Minimum Habitable Room PDF
R309  Garage Separation PDF
R310.1  Egress Windows PDF
R310.2  Window Wells PDF
R311.5.3.1  Stair Section PDF
R311.5  Stairs PDF
R304  Minimum Habitable Room PDF
R310.2  Window Well Details PDF
R311.5.4  Residential Landings PDF
R311.5.6  Residential Handrails PDF
R311.5.6.3  Railing Handgrip Sizes PDF
R317.1  Dwelling Unit Separation PDF
R317.2-A  Zero Lot-line  PDF
R317.2-B  Zero Lot-line PDF
R319  Protection Against Decay PDF
R401.4.1  General Foundation Requirements PDF
R403.1  Typical Foundation - 1 PDF
R403.1.4.2  Typical Foundation - 2 PDF
R404.1.1(1)  Typical Masonry Wall to 4 Feet PDF
R404.1.1(2)  Residential Basement Wall to 8 Feet PDF
R404.1.(3)  Foundation Wall - 4ft. to 9ft. High PDF
R404.1.4  Masonry Foundation Wall - 4ft. to 9ft. High PDF
R502.2.1(1)  Residential Decks -Elevated PDF
R502.2.1(2)  Residential Decks PDF
R502.2.1(3)  Residential Decks PDF
R502.2.1(4)  Residential Decks PDF
R502.2.1(5)  Residential Decks PDF
R502.2.1(6)  Residential Decks PDF
R502.8.1  Solid Sawn Lumber PDF
R601.1  Typical Cross Section PDF
R602.6(1)  Notching and Boring Load Bearing Walls PDF
R602.6(2)  Notching and Boring Non-Load Bearing Walls PDF
R602.10.6  Alternate Brace Wall Panel PDF
R602.10.11  Brace Wall Detail - 3 PDF
R602.10.11  Brace Wall Detail - 4 PDF
R602.10.11  Brace Wall Detail - 5 PDF
R602.10.11  Brace Wall Detail - 6 PDF
R602.10.11  Brace Wall Detail - 7 PDF
R602.10.11  Brace Wall Detail - 8 PDF
R602.10.11  Brace Wall Detail - 9 PDF
R703.7-1  Masonry Veneer Detail - 1 PDF
R703.7-2  Masonry Veneer Detail - 2 PDF
R703.7-4  Masonry Veneer Detail - 4 PDF
R703.1  Wall Flashing PDF
   ICC-FR-2-ICC-Zero-lot PDF
   FR-1-ICC-FR-2-Zero-lot PDF